The LAUNCH Project

The LAUNCH Project is a series that began in May 2015 providing Seattle's artists with a new and much needed platform for professional development. Artists are selected through the submission process, paired with industry mentors, and provided support in the form of rehearsal space, coaching, and production design to create and launch new, independent, work. Each LAUNCH project culminates in intimate one-of-a-kind performance(s) for audiences and industry alike, as first access to these brand new creations by Seattle's most seasoned artists. The LAUNCH Project provides artists with a home and support team to create and incubate their visions and a state of the art production to premier their new creation. We are proud to share that following each of our previous projects artists have been offered work and opportunities to have their work produced by industry leaders. 

Music Team: Michael Nutting, Nathan Young, and Avi Lasser

Music Team: Michael Nutting, Nathan Young, and Avi Lasser

Launch Cabaret Showcase (Vocal Artists) 
May 21st, 22nd, and 23rd, 2016
3 Nights + 9 Artists + 6 Brand New Works
we are thrilled to announce that our 4th Launch Project will take the stage in a 3 night series May 21st-23rd as our first Cabaret Showcase! The Studios selected artist 6 artists from over 35 submissions to develop and produce their 60-minute cabaret in our newly designed Grand Cabaret Lounge. Each night at 7:15pm one of our emerging artists/duos will take the stage as our featured Opening Acts.  Saturday May 21st- Monday May 23rd Seattle will have the opportunity to experience these incredible artists in a new light with as you have never heard them before.
Artists: Jenny Shotwell and Mark Rabe, Kate Jaeger, Rachel DeShon, Ross Cornell, Ryan McCabe, Billie Wildrick, Dustyn Moir, Jessi Little and Chelsea LeValley, and Tory Spero.

Choreographers' Showcase (Dance Artists) 
Launch 3.0: March 13th and 14th. 2016
Erin Crall, Joshua Crouch, Josh Scribner, Paul Flanagan, Rebecca Smith, Phi VoBa, Michael O'Neal Jr., Allexa Laycock, BoJohn Diciple, John Scott

Launch 2.0 November 15th, 2015
Shadou Mintrone, Alex Crozier, Michael O'Neal Jr., Erin Crall, Tammy Gibson, Mallory King, Josh Scribner, Joshua Crouch, Imana Gunawan

Launch 1.0 May 31st, 2015
Larry Sousa, Tammy Gibson, Alex Crozier, Paul Flanagan, Mallory King, Megan Adams, Josh Scribner, Rebecca Smith, Kyle Johnson, Erin Crall


The LAUNCH Project was created as a professional development and networking program for seasoned artists.  Artists were selected through the rigorous submission process.  The selected artists were then provided state of the art resources, professional training, and a platform to create, incubate, and produce their new works as independent artists. The Studios curated one of a kind showcases through this program bringing bar raising artists to the spotlight. Not only providing the artists a new platform to build their following as independent artists but also as an professional industry event.  Launch Artists and performers were offered professional opportunities from industry leaders directly following these showcases.  

The LAUNCH Project began with our LAUNCH 1.0 (L 1.0) Choreographers' Showcase on May 31st, 2015.  Ten choreographers , five men and five women comprised of five seasoned choreographers and five emerging artists, were granted one month of free rehearsal space in our state of the art studios to create one original work. The Studios acted an incubator and hub for these diverse specialists in their disciplines of tap, contemporary ballet, burlesque, theatre dance, modern, and jazz - worlds that more commonly operate in isolation from one another.  The result was a single sold out performance produced in The Studios brand new state of the art Gallery with full LED Theatrical Lighting system with a fully sprung dance floor, glass and steel encased theatre, with the city of Seattle as the backdrop. At the closing of L 1.0 The Studios granted one emerging artist, Rebecca Smith, 6 months of unlimited rehearsal space to continue to build her repertoire as an up and coming choreographer. Rebecca's work has since been seen with Au Collective , L1.0 -L3.0, as well as at The UW Anniversary Gala.

This was an idea we had to keep building upon. 

LAUNCH 2.0 opened submissions up to an even greater pool of choreographers. The L 2.0 roster was finalized with 5 LAUNCH alumni and 5 newcomers adding Hip Hop and Graham to the spectrum of disciplines.  We also expanded our support to the artists by providing all dancers involved in the production 1 week of unlimited classes ($300 value).  L2.0 was presented on November 15th to a sold out house with an an audience made up of equal parts longtime industry supporters and first time performing arts patrons .  A new demographic of arts supporters was born. Following L2.0 The Studios premiered its Graham program led by certified Graham instructor and L 2.0 choreographer Joshua Crouch. 

The vision for LAUNCH 3.0 challenges everything we come to expect in a choreographers showcase. We designed a brand new stage allowing all unobstructed seats and pushing the boundaries of traditional concert dance. The Runway Stage will premier this March along with the largest new component of the program, The Composers' Challenge. 

How do we raise the stakes? How do we find a new way to celebrate the unique voices in our community? ...

The Composers' Challenge.  
The Studios has commissioned a new score by local composer Avi Lasser. Each of the L 3.0 choreographers were provided this original score with the assignment of creating their own unique interpretation. How do the ears and imaginations of rhythm tappers, hip hop artists, classical ballerinas, and modern dancers perceive this identical source of inspiration?  Adding to the challenge - live musicians will join the dancers on stage with each piece to bring to life this never before heard score. 

Launch 4.0 Cabaret Showcase
6 individual artists were chosen from over 35 submissions and provided the opportunity to create and produce their own original 60-minute cabaret in our newly designed Grand Cabaret Lounge. The six artists spanned the worlds of Opera, Jazz, Musical Theatre and Drag. Each artist was provided a Music Director with one-on-one coaching sessions with TS Artistic Director, Shanna Waite.  Through this process artists were challenged in every aspect of musicality, storytelling, performance, and authenticity elevating their work to new heights with never before heard arrangements and awe-inspiring performances.  For this series we also sprouted new emerging artist opportunities for 3 artists/duos to open for each night of the showcase. These artists were provided a music and creative team to support their 10 minute set development as a foundation for their future work.  Launch 4.0 was a huge success with sold-out performances and multiple artists booking future work and a select few returning as featured artists in the Inspire Series at The Studios Cabaret Lounge in the fall of 2016.