Dear Friends,

The Studios had its final day of business on Thursday December 22nd, 2016.  We simply had to choose the best of the worst paths in front of us.  The Studios was more than a building.  It has been a home for so many ...some have even come through our doors every day since 10/8/14. Together we are 3,838 strong. That is incredible.

This all began because of a simple question...what do you need to be more successful? answered...and we delivered in full every day. No one can take that away from us. Each day we woke with servitude. We created....we grew....we left it all on the floor. None of us are the same because of it.

Words are not enough. You breathed life into this mission. You allowed yourself to be challenged, you trusted our incredible team to provide the proper conditions for growth, you recognized the opportunity to launch and you took them, you fought for your goals and you succeeded, and together we inspired those around us.

Continue to put yourself in rooms where good work is mandatory. Do not feel ashamed to want more, to demand more of yourself and of your peers.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring, but as this chapter closes, we choose gratitude.

With love,

The Studios Family

Our Legacy.....
Our founders, Shanna and Ryan Waite, created and built The Studios without tapping into the local not-for-profit fundraising dollars.  As sole financiers they have been dedicated to providing a $1.5 million state of the art facility, training center, incubator, and launch pad while providing jobs and new opportunities for Seattle. The Studios is a hub where every artist is welcome, supported and celebrated. A Hub where on any given day we have provided a home, an incubator, a launch pad, for absolute beginners to seasoned professionals.
Since opening our doors in October 2014 The Studios provided…

  • 182 jobs to working artists.
  • 600+ studio rentals to individuals and arts institutions ranging from local start-ups to Broadway national tours.
  • The Launch program, established in May 2015, has produced 46 new works by 24 choreographers and 9 cabaret artists.
  • The Class Exchange work-study program, which has provided 41 artists access to free classes while gaining experience in arts administration and operations.
  • The newly formed Residency Program, which has provided a home to 4 theatre companies and 3 dance companies since June 2016.
  • 12,986 Drop-in classes, Workshops, Master Classes, and Incubate Intensives taught by the industry’s top teaching artists to our community members.

Challenge        Incubate        Launch        Succeed        Inspire